Monday, February 16, 2009

Green Recruits Dream of Joining the Club

My current 3rd grade class knows all about the Memoir '44 History Club and many of them are looking forward to joining next year.

Many lunch recesses in 3rd grade are spent battling at our Memoir station in my classroom. We play one battle at a time and are currently in our second class tournament. This picture shows the teams of two playing Pegasus Bridge. Other students are welcome to stay in and watch, but they aren't allowed to help with strategy or moves.

My goal in 3rd grade is for the students to learn the rules of Memoir '44, develop a love for the game, and create an interest in World War II history. The Memoir '44 History Club is a place where all of those lessons are continued and developed further. 3rd grade is a good training ground for the History Club and it looks like I could have more than twice as many members in the club next year.

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