Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Simplified Campaign

Spring break is barreling down on us and we have a lot to do at school before the break, so Memoir '44 Club is on hold for a little while. However, the week after spring break I'm going to open the club to all of my students from last year who are now 4th graders. We'll see how many kids sign up but as long as there are 6 students interested, I'm willing to put in the time and give them a chance to play the first campaign of the Battle of Normandy campaign.

We'll meet for 5 sessions and play those first 4 scenarios. Our first meeting will be spent watching some video clips about the push into France out of the D-Day beachhead. If we still have time after watching the video, we'll spend some time remembering the rules and getting ready for the campaign.

I've created a very simplified way to incorporate the Reserve Roll element into this small campaign for the students. Before each battle, the kids will roll battle dice for the Reserve Roll and 2 dice for the Victory Events. They will apply the results of these rolls just like they would if they were playing a real campaign, but they won't have to use any reserve tokens. This way, the kids get to experience some of the excitement of receiving reinforcements and where to put them, without having to worry about choosing which battle to use them for.

Once we get started with the 4th grade group, I'll update everyone on how the plan goes. Thanks for your continued support and dedication to the Memoir '44 History Club at Jewell Elementary!