Sunday, January 18, 2009

Help Support the Jewell History Club!

The Memoir '44 History Club was financed through a history grant that I applied for in November. I learned about the mini-grant opportunity through some history lectures I went to called Teach American History. I came up with the Memoir '44 club idea as a fun way to teach 4th and 5th grade students about United States involvement in World War II and develope a love of history and boardgames. The rules of the mini-grant require the funds be used to teach American history so I used the $600 they gave me to buy Memoir '44 components that involved United States forces. I got six Memoir '44 base games but I was only able to get five Terrain Packs and Pacific Theater expansions.

Several Memoir '44 fans have contacted me and expressed an interest in supporting the History Club in some way. One fan suggested that I establish a way for Memoir '44 players from around the world to donate funds that I can use to expand the club. Because of his suggestion, I added a safe and secure way for people to donate money to the Memoir '44 History Club through PayPal. Look for the Donate button on the right side of this web page that looks like this, choose the amount you want to donate, and safely send us your donation.

Money that is donated to the History Club will only be used to buy items for the club or students in the club. I would like to get the Terrain Pack and Pacific Theater expansions we are missing, although one supporter from San Diego has already said that he might help with those. Ultimately I would like to get six copies of the Winter/Desert board and matching Eastern Front expansions, but that may have to wait for a while. Another idea is to get each student who is in the club some kind of Memoir '44 item, expansion, or prize! What student wouldn't love that?

Thank you for your interest in the History Club and for any donations you decide to make. Every little bit counts and it is always appriciated!

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