Friday, October 15, 2010

Long Silence Explained

Sorry for the long silence! It's been over 7 months since my last post and many of you may not even be reading this any more...that's all right, I would understand if you weren't. For those who are still interested, I want to explain what happened and where I've been.

My third year of the Memoir '44 History Club ended well. My students seemed to enjoy it to the end and many were sad that they were moving on to middle school and wouldn't be able to participate any more. A large number of students own Memoir '44 now and told me that they would keep playing on their own. I hope that's true!

I've moved schools this year, so the fourth grade students who were in my club last year weren't able to continue playing with me this year either. Not only did I move schools, I also moved countries! My wife and I now live in the United Arab Emirates (in Abu Dhabi)
and I'm teaching 5th grade here. Because of our large move, I didn't update the blog over the summer or do a whole lot of anything except pack!

I put all of my Memoir '44 equipment into storage so that I can restart the club when I return to Oregon. If I could have, I would have loved to bring at least some of my Memoir '44 stuff so that I could run a club here in Abu Dhabi but we had limited space and weight...and we had a lot of stuff to bring. Luckily my parents are coming to visit in December and have agreed to bring me some Memoir '44 stuff so that I can run an after school club again!

Once that club gets underway I'll post some pictures and start updating thing a little bit more. Until then I might just share some thoughts on this blog about teaching World War II history, things that I'm learning about World War II as I read, or other things that relate to Memoir '44 History Clubs! If anyone has questions, simply ask and I'll be happy to answer!


Stig Morten said...

Hi Jesse, nice to see this blog get updated. Talking about WWII in general as a way to teach history to those interested is a good plan for this blog.

The poll you posted seems to be closed already.

Just a question to get you started.

What does WWII means to Abu Dhabi, both the country and people there? Was there fighting there during WWII?

Stig Morten

Alexis Beuve said...

Jesse, you'll be welcome in Paris. Let's meet after all those long-distance mails. Alexis Beuve/

Anonymous said...

How were you able to teach all of the kids the game? Did you have them read the rules or did you set up scenarios? what were your steps? Also is the 4th grade the appropriate age to start because of reading abilities?