Monday, December 15, 2008

Campaign Book: Volume 1

The newest, and possibly most anticipated, expansion has been announced today on the Days of Wonder web site! This expansion, the Campaign Book: Volume 1, provides over 50 new scenarios that are linked in a campaign format. Players can play the battles alone, but they were designed to follow in a sequence.

In a slight change from the normal Memoir '44 games, players choose one side to play throughout the Campaign. In the first campaign you can either be the Allies who are trying to fight their way out of their D-Day beachheads, or play as the Axis who are trying to hold Caen and throw the Allies back into the sea. The second campaign allows players to choose between the Germans who are starting their blitzkrieg across Belgium and France on their way to capturing all of Western Europe, or the surprised Allies who are trying to withstand the overwhelming Wehrmacht (German Army). The final campaign plays out Operation Barbarossa. Players can be the attacking Germans or the Russians as they scramble to defend their vast territory.

This expansion is very exciting for me because it's such a great idea, but also because I had the opportunity to help with it's creation! Eric Hautemont, of Days of Wonder, allowed me to edit and proofread the text for this project so my name is on the cover and everything! Whether you are buying Memoir '44 for the first time or already own all of the other expansions, this book is a wonderful addition to your Memoir '44 inventory.

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