Monday, November 10, 2008

A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to the Jewell Elementary Memoir '44 History Club web page!

Memoir '44 is a board game by a company called Days of Wonder and designed by Richard Borg. The game is set in World War II and players lay out battles that actually happened. Then they play as either the Axis or Allied forces and try to change history or repeat what really happened. As part of the club, students will compete in a tournament.

Students in the Memoir History Club will have a chance to learn the rules for Memoir '44, if they don't already know them, and they can play with other beginers until they are comfortable joining the main tournament. The winners of the tournament will recieve a trophy and everyone will get a certificate of participation.

Playing Memoir '44 is not the only thing this club will do. A main focus of the club is also historical investigation and learning. We will invite survivors of World War II to come talk to our club and share some of their knowledge of history. Students will research a battle that took place during World War II and create a scenario (battle layout) of their own for others to play.

My goal for this history club is not only to have fun playing a great board game, but to also help foster a love of history in the students. I hope students will leave with their eyes opened to a world of board games and a sense that history can be fun and interesting!

Thanks for your interest and support of the Memoir '44 History Club,

Jesse Rasmussen
3rd Grade Teacher
Jewell Elementary School

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